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Sie bieten hier auf eine S&K ZF Montage für ein SAFN 49 ( FN-49 ). ... Sie bieten hier auf eine S&K ZF Montage für ein SAFN 49 ( FN-49 ). Die ZF Montage ist gebraucht und wird als Ersatzteilträger verkauft ! Den Lieferumfang und den Zustand entnehmen Sie bitt... Advertisement: Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Straight-Pull Rifle Database.

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SAFN-49 kalibru 7 × 57 mm – wersja dla Wenezueli (8003 sztuki). SAFN-49 kalibru 7,65 × 53 mm – wersja dla Argentyny (5541 sztuk). Karabiny zostały zakupione dla marynarki wojennej, w latach 60. wieku większość egzemplarzy została przebudowana na kaliber 7,62 x 51 mm NATO i przystosowana do zasilania z magazynków wymiennych na 20 naboi.

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The Venezuelan SAFN-49 rifles as issued are 7mm Mauser. The rifles were designed to use Mauser type stripper clips so magazines are not an issue. Most of the early gas feed rifles of the time period were made with detectable magazines but were loaded with stripper clips when originally issued. rover Chains keep us together. Joined Dec 5, 2009

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The Fabrique Nationale Model 1949 (often referred to as the FN-49 or SAFN) is a semi-automatic rifle designed by Dieudonné Saive and manufactured by Fabrique Nationale. It was used by the militaries of Argentina, Belgium, the Belgian Congo, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Luxembourg, and Venezuela. While well regarded for its high build quality and reliability in …

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SAFN-49 Конструктивно винтовка SAFN-49 – является самозарядным оружием, построенном на основе автоматики с газоотводным двигателем с коротким ходом газового поршня. Вид на элементы управления SAFN-49 Газовая камора и поршень расположены над стволом. Поршень без жесткой связи с затворной рамой и имеет свою …

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Le fusil militaire SAFN 1949 fut réglementaire dans l'armée belge avant et en même temps que le FN FAL.. Présentation. Conçu par Dieudonné Saive en Grande-Bretagne pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et fabriqué par FN Herstal, il est adopté en 1949.Construit en bois et en acier usiné, il fonctionne par emprunt de gaz, tir semi-automatique et verrouillage par culasse-béquille.

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The beauty of any gas system as that in the SAFN 49 is that you fire the first cartridge with the gas adjustment sleeve turned to wide open. Upon firing, the action just sits there, does not move. Close the gas sleeve a bit for the second, third; maybe the 4th shot causes the bolt carrier to move a bit. Close the gas sleeve some more and ...

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The FN-49 is a gas operated, air cooled, magazine fed semi-automatic or fully-automatic rifle that fires from a closed bolt. The gas system on the FN-49 is located above the barrel. There is a gas port 6.25 inches back from the muzzle that allows gas from the fired cartridge to be tapped off and directed into the gas cylinder.

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View Sellers Items. Description: Belgium FN-49, 8mm cal. semi-auto military rifle. Serial #14263, mfg. by FN in Belgium. Egyptian contract.Excellent, unissued condition! WOW! Nice smooth wood,finish is 99% Bore is excellent and shiny. …

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Le mythique SAFN 49 avale tout de toutes façons,mais il faut démonter le garde main pour accéder,en cas de besoin, au réglage de l 'évent des gazs.Oufti ! Il adore les munitions bien rechargées,fieu !...pour la qualité des munitions du commerce,je ne peux te répondre,car je n 'en tire pas. Consulte Ramses,Lagaffe,Xavier,ou Keke .C 'est ...

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The SAFN-49 is a ten round fixed box magazine. The M1-Garand a 8 round enblock. Both weight roughly the same the SAFN-49 is a little heavier. Both are battle tested in rough conditions and preformed well. Price wise you may find a SAFN-49 for a hundred or two hundred less than a M1 Garand.

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The SAFN-49 Battle Rifle is another in a series of books on collectable firearms about which little is known and less has been written. A valuable guide for shooter and collector alike. Book two in the "Shooter's and Collector's Guide" series, it includes a part-by- part description of all models of the SAFN-49, including the sniper rifles and ...

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Invité Dim 31 Jan 2010, 17:42. Le SAFN 49 et suivants,conçu par mr Dieudonné Saive (comme le FAL qui a suivi) est de loin l 'arme semi auto que je préfère. Au delà de la subjectivité,cette arme est particulièrement bien faite,et d 'une grande simplicité mécanique. Pas de tôle emboutie,mais de l 'acier de la FN.

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THE SAFN-49 BATTLE RIFLE (A SHOOTER'S AND COLLECTOR'S By Joe Poyer **Mint**. ~ MINT Condition! Quick & Free Delivery in 2-14 days ~. New (Other) 3 product ratings. C $54.30. Buy It Now. +C $20.67 shipping estimate. from United States.

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The SAFN-49 was manufactured for production in four calibers (.30-06, 7.92 mm Mauser, 7.65 mm Argentine and 7 mm Mauser.) The rifles were purchased by Belgium, Luxembourg, the Belgian Congo, Indonesia, Brazil, Venezuela, Columbia and a few for testing in other countries. Less than 200,000 were sold before it was replaced in the FN line by the ...

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This is a hard to find .30-06 FN-49 in very good condition. The rifle was owned by a collector for many years, and has been well for sale by Rod De Bowes on GunsAmerica - 979971140. ... It comes with the correct SAFN bayonet and scabbard. Also included is an extra reciever cover (a $40.00 value) which can be modified for mounting a scope. ...

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The SAFN-49 is a semi-automatic weapon fed by a 10 round box magazine. It is most commonly chambered in .30-06 Spingfield, but was also produced in 7x57mm Mauser, 7.92x57mm Mauser or 7.65x53mm Argentine. The …

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The SAFN-49 is a semi-automatic weapon fed by a 10 round box magazine. It is most commonly chambered in .30-06 Spingfield, but was also produced in 7x57mm Mauser, 7.92x57mm Mauser or 7.65x53mm Argentine. The maximum effective range was claimed to be 700 meters. In Argentine service it was converted to 7.62x51mm NATO and used a 20 round magazine.

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The SAFN Model 49/FN Automatic Rifle Item Number SB043 No reviews yet Write a Review $10.00 Description The SAFN Model 49/F.N. Automatic Rifle - Reprint of original factory tech. manual on the FN-49 rifle (in English); Lots of illustrations. Best Sellers New Arrivals FN49 Barrel, New G.I. $125.00 FN49 Flash Hider $24.95