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After lot of research and googling I decided to go with TCPDF PHP library to convert HTML page to PDF file for my requirement. I found TCPDf PHP library quite easy to integrate with codeigniter and stated working on it. After successfully completing my integration of codeigniter and TCPDF, I thought of sharing this script on web.

is codeigniter 2.2.6 is compatible with php 7

Codeigniter 3 has been compatible with PHP 7 for months. What you are saying is completely wrong. And no one should be waiting for CI 4. CI 4 is going to be a big rewrite of your application. A great strategy would be to move your application to PHP 7 as soon as possible so its compatible. Then get more experience learning and working with PHP 7.

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CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a very small footprint, built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. Learn more. Star 4,181 . Fork 1,609 . Why CodeIgniter? Framework with a small footprint. CodeIgniter 4 is a 1 ...

Codeigniter 4 not workin PHP 8

Codeigniter 4 not workin PHP 8. Also, I saw a similar problem Route/RouteCollection.php file. If it is not corrected yet, replace the line. Make these corrections on the system files directly, when you upgrde in the future these lines would be already fixed. Also, I saw a similar problem Route/RouteCollection.php file.

php - How to integrate PHPMailer with Codeigniter 3

1. installing PHP Mailer Download the latest PHPMailer Build from Github. You can find the project here Click now on "clone or download" and download it as zip - as in the image below is shown. The folder in the zip is called PHPMailer-master. Unzip this in your application/third_party/ folder and rename the folder to phpmailer.

Email Class — CodeIgniter 4.2.1 documentation

CodeIgniter's robust Email Class supports the following features: Multiple Protocols: Mail, Sendmail, and SMTP; TLS and SSL Encryption for SMTP; Multiple ... set preferences using the above method, you can instead put them into the config file. Simply open the app/Config/Email.php file, and set your configs in the Email properties.

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Using PHPMailer_Lib library you can send email with PHPMailer in your CodeIgniter application. The following example code shows how to send email via SMTP server using PHPMailer from the controller of the CodeIgniter application. Load the PHPMailer_Lib library. Call the load () function of PHPMailer_Lib.

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CodeIgniter 4 is a 1.2MB download, plus 6MB for the user guide. Exceptional performance CodeIgniter consistently outperforms most of its competitors. Simple solutions over complexity CodeIgniter encourages MVC, but does not force it on you. Strong Security We take security seriously, with built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks.

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フレームワーク codeigniter PHP . ので laravel もったことありますが、はあれこれにまれましたが、1 くらいったら laravel のささがわかりました。. codeigniter になれたせいかわからないけど、やっぱり codeigniter の ...

PHP Style Guide — CodeIgniter 3.1.13 documentation

BBEdit Open the Application Preferences Select "Text Encodings" on the left. In "Default text encoding for new documents", select "Unicode (UTF-8, no BOM)" Optional: In "If file's encoding can't be guessed, use", select "Unicode (UTF-8, no BOM)" Select "Text Files" on the left. In "Default line breaks", select "Mac OS X and Unix (LF)"

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